Terry Schiavo is Dead. Does Your Conscience Bother You, Brother?

Well, Terry Schiavo has finally passed from this life. Predictably, the neocons are already exploiting the woman’s tragic end for their own political grandstanding. You can almost hear the incessent klick-klacking of keyboards from the pundits even as I, myself, add to the chatter. Did she have a hope of recovery? Was there a possibility that she would have not wanted the feeding tube pulled from her? Was innocent blood wrongfully shed? Good questions. And why don’t my fellow social conservatives ask similiar questions about innocent people on death row? When faced with the reality that innocent people are wrongfully executed, social conservatives seem to shrug it off. They’ll admit that it’s tragic when mistakes are made, but they nonetheless maintain that the judiciary system is doing its job when it tries and sentences people to death.

Not so with Terry Schiavo. Social conservatives second guess a court’s ruling on Ms. Schiavo’s intent. Michael Schiavo is demonized. Jeb Bush, George Bush, the Republican controlled congress, and everybody’s second cousin suddenly realizes they have a personal stake in the outcome. We are told it’s all part of huge anti-life conspiracy of liberal, activist judges (never mind that many of the conspirators were Republican appointees). We are led to believe that Pandemonium itself crouches at our front door, as if the feeding tube was akin to Frodo’s ring. No, my friend, I don’t understand the flip-flopping, either. But alas, with neocons, I think it’s not understanding they want. It’s compliance.

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