Posting Rules (For Those Who Would Comment)

I think I should say something up front to those who would add their comments to this blog. Your feedback is welcome, but realize that it is a privilege that I extend to you. Nothing more. In fact, it is something that can be easily taken away on a whim.

While my supporters may certainly post here, I am especially interested in my detractors or those who are ambivalent about the issues I raise. I need no one to come on here and sing praises to me because I already operate under the presumption that I am right. So for the rest of you that like to give me a piece of your mind, go ahead and fire away. I won’t bellyache if you call me names or unfairly accuse me of things. Your outbursts may be the source of my amusement. However, realize that …

1. I will delete posts that contain obscene language.

2. I will delete posts that are obviously an attempt to spam and flood the blog.

3. I will shut the down the comments section entirely if I feel it is being abused more often than not.

Please realize that if you hate what I am saying, others may be in agreement with you. If you spoil things for everyone, you deny your compatriots a forum to air their grievances against me. You and your friends lose. I feel no pain. Think about it.

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