Spain’s Assault on Men and Marriage

Day by day, it becomes increasingly difficult to parody feminists and the politicians who cater to them. Just when I think I can furnish some outrageous caricature of their beliefs that no sane person would uphold, they surprise me by embracing it. The demented wax worse and worse in the absence of checks on their power.

A case in point? The Guardian and other news outlets are reporting that Spain will pass a law requiring married men to assume a greater share of domestic responsibilities. The requirement will be codified into the marriage contract for civil wedding ceremonies. Failure of men to comply with the new law will be taken into account by judges considering visitation rights in divorce cases. Yes, I wish I was kidding.

In response to this news item, the Manpower Blog posted a stinging parody of the Guardian article. I think it’s worth a read. At first, I thought it was an actual article, given the degree of inanity to which bureaucrats can sink. No. In the modern world, the stupidity of our elected politicians only works in favor of women.

The Spanish people ought to thank their leaders. We are often led to believe that European governments respect the human rights of their citizens. Indeed, what better way to honor the dignity of human beings than to micromanage and regulate the most intimate aspects of their lives? Feminists and other liberals bellyache about how conservatives like to legislate what goes on in the bedroom, but I suppose the monogamous relationships of heterosexual couples are now fair game for politicians of all stripes.

The Guardian quotes one Spanish politician as saying, “This will be a good way of reminding people what their duties are. It is something feminists have been wanting for a long time.” Never mind the feminists. Is this what all women want? Are we to assume that government knows what is best for each marriage regardless of the personal arrangements that both parties have made? Suppose a woman embraces the traditional role of staying at home and assumes all domestic duties full-time. Does that mean her husband must help her with the chores when he gets home from work, even though he already assumes sole responsibility for the family’s financial welfare? How is that equal? Strange that the news coverage in the Guardian doesn’t address that question.

Or, suppose both spouses indeed work outside the home. How does one nonetheless determine that there has been an equal division of domestic labor? Do we install a punch clock with cards in the kitchen? Do we make certain that women perform their fair share of traditionally male tasks such as cleaning out the roof gutters; taking out the trash; repairing lawn mower equipment; fixing the electric circuitry in the bathroom; changing the oil on the car; cleaning up the hard drive on the computer; or killing the roaches and rats?

What’s the end to this nonsense? Passing laws regulating how many times a month you take your wife on vacation? Really, if there is some resentment on the part of one spouse towards another regarding marital expectations, that is best handled by the spouses themselves, pastors, counselors, etc. Government should stay out of the picture, period.

What is truly appalling is that even the most politically conservative parties in Spain have supported this miscarriage of justice, even those with a traditionally Catholic bent. Yep, I’m certain a law that “feminists have been wanting for a long time” will strengthen the bonds between husbands and wives. I can just imagine the kind of trust and intimacy between spouses this law will engender. Men, how would you like to be involved with a women that will divorce you, seize half of your assets, and take away your children simply because she felt you didn’t do enough around the house? Do you want that Sword of Damocles hanging over your head? Spain’s new law is nothing but a full-scale assault against marriage. The intimate bond between husband and wife is reduced to a commercial transaction, regulated by the state just like a business. Do not be surprised if the state soon interferes at the behest of feminists in trying to quantify the degree of conjugal affection owned by a husband to his wife, or vice versa. It will make legalized prostitution look dignified in comparison.

If the men of Spain have any sense at all, they will realize this new law for what it is. It is demeaning to men. Sorry ladies, but no women is endangered or physically harmed by a husband whose only crime is being lazy at home. No government should have the power to encroach upon that man’s basic right to privacy in his family affairs. As far as I’m concerned, that point is not up for debate or discussion. The new law in question is morally wrong, and the Spanish people should make certian their politicians appreciate this fact in the next election cycle.

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