Such a Shame about HugoBoy

Hugo Schwyzer is spouting off again. In a recent blog entry, he calls Amanda Marcotte’s scathing review of Men’s Rights Activists a “terrific job.” Amanda’s piece is most certainly a “job,” but I deny it is terrific. It is little more than a hysterical screed directed against people who care about male issues, accusing them of being right-wing, religious nuts who want to keep women underfoot. As one acquainted with Men’s Rights Activists who are actually critical of the religious and/or political right, I find Amanda’s overall premise laughable and pathetic. Like a typical feminist, she just doesn’t “get it” and chooses to vilify men rather than try to understand them.

Anyway, it’s such a shame about Hugo. There are times when Hugo makes for an interesting read, but when he ventures into a discussion about women and men, I am left to wonder just what could have been slipped into his coffee. As it is, I plan to say no more on this point. Kevin Biomech has adjured me to not waste my time on Hugo. Hugo, after all, is small fry in the ocean of what is commonly known as “gender politics.” So, I’ll let Pete Jensen (aka “Gonzo”) have the last word on the ontology of Hugoness by directing you to his essay Lies, Damned Lies, and Hugo Schwyzer.

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