Now on Pay-Per-View: HugoBoy vs. the Nice Guys

I know I am breaking my code of silence regarding a certain male feminist, but here it goes …

Over at Hugo Schwyzer’s blog, our feminist MC appears to have engaged in yet another misrepresentation of some MRAs. Hugo gets the Pot/Tea Kettle Award of the Month for this statement …

“… the Nice Guys, with their penchant for personal attacks and slurs, represent an adolescent fringe.”

Sigh. Hugo, you really shouldn’t leave yourself vulnerable on that one. Anyway, in addition to the supporting comments by Hugo’s fans, there were some MRAs that called Hugo’s hand on his demagoguery. I think I saw where he deleted some content by MRAs. Hugo apparently cannot take what he so easily dishes out to others. Instead, either he or some sympathizer apparently likes to lurk on private MRA boards, quote MRAs out of context, distort them, make unfounded accusations, and knock down pathetic straw men. Then when people correct Hugo on his accusations, he seems to shut off the rising tide of dissent on his blog, creating a perfect ideological echo chamber. Ladies and gentlemen, like the T-shirts say: “This is what a feminist looks like.”

2 Responses to “Now on Pay-Per-View: HugoBoy vs. the Nice Guys”

  1. 1 Verlch
    September 18, 2005 at 11:25 pm

    Hugo is the extreme of what a man shouldn’t be. You can tell he was raised by a single mother that wanted a girl and instead got a boy.

    I think this is his 5th divorce and I think he wants nothing more than to be happy. The more he turns into a girl the more the girls love it, but then hate the girl in him so much they leave.

    NYMOM is a whole different can of worms. That woman is full of anger and hate at anything that declares itself a man. She had better hope America keeps its place and we don’t become the slaves of some foreign nation, which does happen from time to time. Can you image NYMOM doing the dishes for some Arab….lol… I shudder to think, maybe a message here any ladies, “Treat your men better, someday you may need us as allies!”

    Typical Socailist behavior, distane for the guy holding the glue that glues society together and then to have weak willed women believe it. I’ve got a life long distain for feminism and will not cease to speak negatively about it!!!!

  2. 2 khankrumthebulgar
    December 23, 2005 at 8:58 pm

    NYMOM has been posting at The Countess. That is a blog of Trish Wilson and at Gonzo’s blog on Mensnewsdaily.com. She is a truly contemptible Female. She actually posted that She supports pedophilia of young Girls, that The Government allows Businesses to make money (Socialist) etc. She is an insane nutjob. Should we be surprised that this is the mindset of FemNags?

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