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Going live in March 2005, Faith and Society was one of the first blogs to explicitly embrace MGTOW and arguably the first one in that vein to be written from a religious perspective. This is an archive of the blog with a few edits.

About the Author

Who is this mysterious blog administrator that forgot to put up his name and e-mail address for every crank to flame him? Well …

I am an unabashed straight, white, God-fearing male. Afraid yet? Everyone has their filters and their baggage. Here are mine:

1. I’m theologically conservative. I believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ and the inspiration and authority of the Bible.

2. … So do I hail from Texas and have a warm-fuzzy about George Bush? Nope. Politically, I consider myself to be an anti-statist (a rather broad and imprecise term covering libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, paleoconservatives, libertarian socialists, anarchists, mutualists, etc.). I learn toward the mutualists, but quite frankly, I have no use for platforms and parties. Even anti-statists can get on my nerves sometimes.

3. … “Oh, so you believe in legalizing pot!!!” What I believe is that government is a poor choice for promoting civic virtue. In fact, as a Christian, I’d say it often encroaches on what God ordained the Church to do.

I believe most of the world’s problems are attributable to people who abuse power. The old proverb about how power corrupts is one that I take seriously. I am not against authority, but I am against authoritarianism. Really, all authority belongs to Christ, and even he took the form of a lowly bondservant when he came to earth.

4. Ok, what about the Men/Women thing? Given my anti-statist stance, it follows that I am against feminism. Oh yes, I am aware of its purported goals of extending human rights. I am even aware of feminists who call themselves “anarchists.” But, quite frankly, feminism is essentially little more than Marxism with PMS. Of course, it stands for the “rights of women.” That’s all it stands for. It cares not one whit for rights of other human beings … unless the privileges of women are fortuitously advanced along the way.

I believe the socialization of women in Western culture is too gynocentric and misandrist. An entitlement mentality has arisen among many as a result of a flawed paradigm where men are seen as aggressors and women as victims. This entitlement mentality is not limited to one end of the political spectrum. Indeed, there are putatively “conservative” and “traditional” women who view men not as human beings with intrinsic worth, but simply as a means to an end. The women of my culture, taken in the aggregate, have become less appealing as mates. It’s a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about, except for a few like me.

In a nutshell, this should give you a taste of what you can expect from this blog. If this intolerable to you and likely to give you digestive problems, you may click on your “Home” button now, or go do something mildly interesting like browse for beanie-babies at Ebay.

I plan for this blog to be mostly hyper-anonymous. Therefore, even though it will probably feature some extended discourses from yours truly, don’t assume that I’m responsible for any content in particular (even if it there is no other name or provenance attached to it).

In addition to being a place for lengthy treatment of various subjects, I also intended for this blog to be …

1. A venue for rapid response to current events, etc.

2. A place to bring attention to noteworthy tidbits from other places. Hey, if someone else has said it better, why reinvent the wheel?

[By the way, let me warn you that I do not take responsibility for or imply total endorsement of any Internet content to which I link. I find myself in agreement with many individuals on various issues, but these individuals usually come from different walks of life. It’s simply impossible for me to find a clone of myself, as enticing as that prospect may be. This blog endeavors to foster intellectual honesty, not be a hermetically sealed echo chamber. So I may, by happenstance, link to some people who occasionally express some things and use language that I find objectionable. I am not going to entirely discount what someone has to say simply because that person has periodically breached my own set of beliefs and standards. Rather, I have learned to sift the good from the bad. You would do well to do the same. Christians are not to live their lives as if they were in a terrarium. If you don’t agree, then my advice is for you to retreat to some monastery in a remote desert.]

3. A place for me to … uh … vent – rant – say very little, too much, or something off-topic to my heart’s content.

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