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The End (For Now)

[Note: This post was originally written on April 2, 2007 at the original blog site. This is an archive, folks.]

Well, if there is anyone still checking this blog for updates, I have some news for you: this is it. I don’t plan to update this blog. Why?

(1) When I started Faith and Society approximately two years ago, the number of men blogging about Men’s Rights Activism, let alone MGTOW, were few and far between. Now, MGTOW blogs have mushroomed left and right.

(2) I have come to the conclusion that this blog focuses on too many things. If and when I start another blog, my subject matter will be more defined (or at least that is the plan).

So, where does that leave you? Well, if you want to copy any of my articles, now is the time. It’s a rummage sale! I’ll be leaving the gate open for a while, but soon it will be shut. I also recommend that you check out a new forum which discusses much of what I discussed here – religious men vs. the Femamatrix. Go to and click on “Egghead’s Forum” (the link right above the picture of Calvin on the top left hand side). You’ll have to register for an account, but once you do, step inside and introduce yourself. Break the ice and share your horror stories of living life in the Femamatrix and battling against churchy Estrogelicalism.

Take care.


Faith and Society Takes the Hyper-Anonymous Route

This is just an announcement to let my readers know that Faith and Society will now feature hyper-anonymous content. Changes will be made to this blog to reflect this fact (viz., the About page and the Content License and Provenance Notice).


Content License and Provenance Notice

This is my notice that all original blog posts (barring reader comments) at Faith and Society are in the public domain, unless stated otherwise. Naturally, if something is in the public domain, it can be reproduced without anyone’s permission. Any Faith and Society content in the public domain is also hyper-anonymous, unless otherwise indicated. For a hyper-anonymous work, there will be no author or source mentioned; you are relieved of giving anyone credit for it. You are even free to take any original ideas from the work and create your own derivative works. “Spread the meme.” You should not, however, copy material verbatim and then claim it as your own since that would be a misrepresentation of authorship and an act of plagiarism.

The Flag

On the Faith and Society blog, there is a flag which appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page. It incorporates the yellow, “MGTOW” road sign logo and the traditional anti-statist colors of red and black. The flag is not copyrighted. Freely have the symbols of the flag been received, and freely are they given back to the public. Let anyone who agrees with the philosophy of the flag adopt it if so desired.

The Masthead

The masthead for Faith and Society is reserved for the blog. It makes no sense, for example, to copy that and then create a competing blog with the name “Faith and Society.” Imitation is the sincerest form of the flattery, but even that can be carried too far.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here will clear up any issues for those who wish to make use of the material on my blog. You may not care one whit about the material posted. Nonetheless, I appreciate your consideration of these matters whether you agree with my position on certain issues or not.


Posting Rules (For Those Who Would Comment)

I think I should say something up front to those who would add their comments to this blog. Your feedback is welcome, but realize that it is a privilege that I extend to you. Nothing more. In fact, it is something that can be easily taken away on a whim.

While my supporters may certainly post here, I am especially interested in my detractors or those who are ambivalent about the issues I raise. I need no one to come on here and sing praises to me because I already operate under the presumption that I am right. So for the rest of you that like to give me a piece of your mind, go ahead and fire away. I won’t bellyache if you call me names or unfairly accuse me of things. Your outbursts may be the source of my amusement. However, realize that …

1. I will delete posts that contain obscene language.

2. I will delete posts that are obviously an attempt to spam and flood the blog.

3. I will shut the down the comments section entirely if I feel it is being abused more often than not.

Please realize that if you hate what I am saying, others may be in agreement with you. If you spoil things for everyone, you deny your compatriots a forum to air their grievances against me. You and your friends lose. I feel no pain. Think about it.


Welcome …

Well, the blog is finally up and running (after much toying around with it until the wee hours of Sunday morning). I need to go to bed soon if I’m going to make it to church. But anyway, I advise you to click the About link in the red menu in order to get a feel of what’s in store. Given my luck, I’m certain there is a typo or two still lingering there.